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Hidden Gems On Amazon You'll End Up Using 3 Times A Day

Sep 14, 2023

You’ll come back to these clever things time and time again.

There are a ton of things that are missing from your day-to-day routine, and you probably don't even realize it. Don't worry — these aren't things that will give you more chores around the house or an extra step in your skincare routine. They’re actually just helpful Amazon products that you’ll end up reaching for it at least three times a day.

These hidden gems are all about spending less time prepping dinner, making your cleanup routine easier, or minimizing the time spent on annoying chores. Keep scrolling to find the most helpful Amazon products you didn't know you needed.

You’ll reach for these dishwasher-safe bottle-cleaning brushes all the time because it will be so much easier to wash your water bottle or even those tiny reusable straws. Each one has perfectly shaped bristles for wide-mouth bottles, smaller bottles, and even those annoying water bottle lids. Best of all, the brushes range from 10 to 15 inches long, so you can reach the very bottom of even tall containers and vases.

Instead of searching for a dull pair of scissors every time you get a package, keep this mini box cutter on your fridge, which you can do because it has a magnet built in. You’ll always know where it is, and it has a non-slip design that you can use left-handed or right-handed to open up all of your packages. Plus, the blade automatically retracts, so you can safely stick it on the table or floor while you look at all of the things you bought.

Obviously, this clip-on strainer works for pasta night, but it's also perfect for avoiding soggy salads because the flexible silicone design fits right on your salad-tossing bowl to pour out extra water. Despite its compact size and bendy material, this strainer is also durable enough to strain all of your produce after washing it in a bowl.

This mini screen-cleaning tool is so easy to use that you’ll say goodbye to smudged tablets and phones for goods. This lipstick-sized gadget is actually wrapped in microfiber fabric, so you can sweep it across the screen and take care of every annoying smudge. Just be sure to push the little button on top to spritz cleaner on your screen before you start cleaning.

Creating a cozy vibe is super easy with this flameless candle lighter, because it has an angled design to quickly light the wick. The USB-rechargeable gadget is compact enough to tuck in a drawer next to your favorite candle. It's also moisture- and wind-proof if you want to use this lighter to ignite a bonfire or grill.

This glowy lip balm is just like a hydrating lip mask, but it comes in a portable little tube that's not as messy (or time-consuming) to apply as something in a tub. It's a super lightweight balm, so you won't feel like you’re wearing a heavy lip mask all day — but it's still super softening and moisturizing thanks to murumuru and shea butters.

Stick this countertop trashcan in your kitchen for veggie scraps during dinner prep, on your desk for used sticky notes, or even in your bathroom to toss cotton pads after your skincare routine. The rust-proof stainless steel finish looks nice no matter where you keep it, and with a 4.75-inch wide base, you can truly keep this anywhere. Best of all, the swing lid keeps all of your used K-cups or skincare trash hidden away.

This dishwasher-safe tongue scraper is made of durable, medical-grade stainless steel that won't rust, no matter how many times you use the wide design to take care of slightly smelly breath. It also has a non-slip handle and a compact design that's easy to pop right next to your toothbrush in a holder or your bathroom drawer.

Adding a food scale to your kitchen might feel like a hassle, but you’ll actually reach for this easy-to-clean scale all the time. You won't have to convert recipes anymore, because you simply push a button to choose from ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters while you’re prepping ingredients. The non-slip base won't slide around and make a mess when you pop a bowl of flour or chicken broth on top, while the auto-tare will make your measuring more accurate than ever.

The extra fine-mist design of this continuous spray bottle is perfect for watering plants, cleaning, fixing your hair, or even grooming your pup. It sprays a fine, even mist from any angle — you can even spray it when it's upside down, which makes it especially ideal for haircare.

These absorbent towels may be called dishcloths, but they’re actually super useful for chores all over your house. One side has the perfect texture for scrubbing pasta sauce spills off of your stovetop after dinner, while the other is gentle enough for your dishes and bathroom mirror. You can even clean up with these reusable, machine-washable cloths when they’re completely dry, and they’ll hold up to 20 times their weight in liquid.

This unique water bottle will definitely become your new go-to because you can roll it up when you finish all of your water, which makes it especially useful for hiking or travel. It's topped off with a little strap, so this silicone bottle will stay nicely and compactly rolled up in your bag. Even with this flexible design, this dishwasher-safe bottle still has a durable flip-top lid.

With a 6-by-5-inch base, this mini food processor will easily fit in a cluttered kitchen cabinet, all while making prep work easier than ever. It can chop garlic, onions, or herbs in seconds or puree beans or fruit. It comes with a classic lid with an oil dispenser on top, so you can easily stream in olive oil while it chops or purees. As a bonus, it also comes with a little angled spatula to scoop out ingredients.

This rust-proof bidet attachment has an adjustable design to fit your toilet, so installing it won't be a huge home project that takes all day. The little control panel on the side has a knob on top to adjust the water pressure so you can have the most thorough clean after doing your business. Plus, it will blend right in with your toilet, so it won't look like an add-on.

You won't mind scrubbing your dishes right after lunch or a quick snack because these sponges are made with an odor-resistant material that will keep them fresher for longer. They’re highly absorbent to better transfer soap to your dishes, yet the top won't trap any food and rises clean. The colors on top have uses too — they fade as you use the sponge, so you’ll always know when it's time to break out a new one.

You’re way more likely to keep your phone charged throughout the day with this wireless charger because you won't have to plug and unplug a cord all day. You won't have to slide your phone around a bunch to make sure it's in the right spot, either, because an LED light will let you know when it's charging. This light also goes off after three seconds, so you also won't mind this charger on your bedside table — a smart feature that helped this charger get over 127,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

You won't just pull out this meat thermometer when you’re cooking chicken for dinner because it's versatile enough to check the temperature of cooking oil or to make sure your morning coffee isn't too warm. It accurately reads the temperature in two to three seconds, and shows it on a large, backlit LED display. This clever magnetic meat thermometer also has a bottle opener at one end, so you can open a drink while you grill outside.

This USB rechargeable mirror has an LED design that is just so much better than your bathroom mirror, and its slim, lightweight build means that it's easy to slip into your bag for touch-ups on-the-go. There are two touch-screen buttons on the side to turn it on and to change up how warm you want your skincare and makeup light to be.

This reusable coffee pod set gives you two BPA-free coffee pods that you can simply refill with your favorite ground coffee each morning. This set also comes with a coffee scoop to scoop up the perfect 2 tablespoons of coffee for each pod without spilling grinds everywhere.

This beard grooming set comes with mini scissors and a double-sided comb for super precise trimming. It also comes with a boar's hair brush that's perfect for massaging beard oil or shampoo into your beard and mustache. This set is also made of durable bamboo and pear wood and comes with a luxurious velvet bag, so you can always make sure your beard is looking fresh.

This spatula set looks like a mini version of the baking spatulas in your kitchen, but they’re actually meant for mostly-empty condiment bottles. Each order comes with one 6-inch and one 12-inch spatula with slim handles and small, flexible silicone heads, which are perfect for scooping and spreading that last bit of jam or ketchup.

These compact wireless earbuds are waterproof and sweat-proof, so you can pull them out at the beach or for your after-work workout. You can also stick the super thin earbud charging case on a wireless charger. These headphones last for 10 hours per charge, and the case holds a charge for a whopping 45 hours. Reviewers also rave about the sound quality, especially when considering the bargain-friendly price.

This set of five mixing bowls lets you store snacks, serve your lunch, and mix up ingredients for dinner without running out of containers. Each sleek stainless steel bowl has a matching airtight lid, so you can stick your leftover food straight in the fridge. These bowls are also odor-resistant, so they won't smell like your snack when you go to cook with them the next day.

Of course, this moisturizing cream is helpful in your skincare routine, but it also belongs in your makeup bag. The beeswax-based formula works as a highlighter, an eyebrow styling cream, a primer, and even an anti-frizz cream if you can't stand flyaways. The calendula, pansy, and chamomile ingredients also make it extra soothing, whether you use it on your hands and elbows or as a face mask.

In the morning, this jar opener is perfect to pop open a jar of jelly for toast or that can of coffee beans. In the afternoon, you can use it to twist off a stubborn soda cap, and it's just as perfect in the evening for an extra-large jar of pasta sauce when you’re cooking dinner. Simply stick it under your kitchen cabinet or a pantry shelf, and this jar opener is easy, fast, and comfortable — no matter what size the lid is, thanks to the clever V-shaped design.

This rechargeable water flosser has such a sleek design that you’ll genuinely want to reach for it multiple times a day. It comes with four tips, and each one creates a super fine plaque-removing spray that feels gentle yet works quickly. You can also rotate these easy-to-change-out tips to easily switch sides when you’re flossing.

This rechargeable milk frother might seem like a coffee gadget that you’ll only reach for when you have extra time, but it makes your coffee feel like a cafe-worthy latte in only 15 seconds. It has a non-slip rubber handle, and the stainless steel whisk on the bottom is small enough to fit in your favorite coffee mug.

It's beyond easy to pop your phone in this phone mount every time you jump in the car because you simply push each side until it's snuggly holding your phone. Setting it up on your dash also isn't a big deal because this grips right onto your air vent.

This set of four professional-grade silicone baking mats will change the way you tackle baking projects. They're made from BPA-free silicone that can stand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and are super easy to clean. Over 4,700 fans have given these a stellar five-star rating.

These non-stick silicone baking mats come as a pack of four, so you can use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert without needing to wash one — or using single-use foil or nonstick cooking spray. When you’re finished cooking for the day, these BPA-free mats can go in the dishwasher, and your sheet trays will be clean enough to go right back in the cabinet.

This ice roller is pretty much always ready to go, even if you just used it, because it only takes 10 minutes in the freezer. If you’ve reached for it all morning to wake up at your desk or reduce puffiness before you leave for the evening, it comes with an extra roller, so you still have a cold, clean one for your bedtime skincare.

Simply slide this sturdy, BPA-free plastic colander to fit across your sink, and washing your produce after the grocery store will be a breeze. The expandable, over-the-sink design is the perfect spot for freshly washed fruit and veggies or for pasta noodles to hang out after you drain them but before you’re ready to toss it in sauce.

With this portable charger, you won't have to abandon your phone plugged in on the countertop when you get home from work. It's so slim and lightweight — you won't mind carrying it around or tossing it in your bag for all-day adventures. Simply leave this rechargeable power bank charging on your counter instead of your phone every night, and the LED light indicators will let you know how much of a charge you have.

Grab this non-slip holder whenever you pull out your kitchen knife and cutting board because it makes slicing so much easier. Place a bagel or even a bunch of grapes or cherry tomatoes between the BPA-free pieces, and you can slice everything super quickly. There's even a little handle on top to keep all of the food securely in place.

These UV-coated sunglasses have a classic round shape and a durable and easy-to-style gold-tone frame that will add a chic touch to any outfit. Wearable by any gender, these frames are free of any unsightly branding and reduce glare, so you can see totally clearly, all while protecting your eyes.

You won't have to twist the top or even push a button to use these salt and pepper grinders because you simply flip them over, and they automatically turn on. Each one has an LED light to make this set look super sleek on your countertop and so you can see every grain that goes into your food. Plus, they have clear bases to show off aesthetic pink salt and multicolor peppercorns.

Swap out that bag of flimsy, single-use cotton pads for this 20-pack of reusable makeup remover rounds. The bamboo and organic cotton fabric has reinforced stitching, so you won't have to use a bunch of them for wiping off makeup or your skincare steps. They also come with a mini laundry bag, so you won't have to search through your clean laundry to find each one.

This little silicone tea infuser simply hangs out on the side of your mug — even when you pop your tea in the microwave to warm it back up. The adorable cat-shaped design is also surprisingly easy to clean in your dishwasher after you empty all of the tea leaves.

This roller is actually lined with miniature rollers that increase blood flow and help muscle soreness or cramps in your back, shoulders, legs, and even your arms. This 18-inch massage stick is way more compact bulky foam post-workout rollers, so you can tuck it anywhere — even in your suitcase when you’re traveling.

This automatic soap dispenser saves you from swapping out empty hand soap bottles all the time because it holds 17 ounces of your favorite soap. It also has a water-resistant design, so you can pop it next to your kitchen or bathroom sink without needing to clean it off all the time. This sleek dispenser also comes with five settings to choose exactly how much soap you want.

This infuser water bottle lets you add all of your favorite citrus or even mint to your water bottle without an orange slice blocking the straw. The fruit infuser basket is removable, so it's super easy to pop it on your cutting board and fill it with chopped fruit. This shatterproof bottle is finished off with a leakproof lid and a non-slip accent on the side for easier carrying.

Popping on these mop slippers a few times a day is so much better than pulling out the actual mop when you’re cleaning up after dinner. They have a stretchy design that you can pull over your shoes or your mop, and the fluffy fabric will take care of dust. When you’re not mopping, you can use these washable slippers as cleaning cloths for mirrors, windows, and more.

It won't be super annoying to measure out a bunch of spices and ingredients for a new recipe you’re trying out with this easy-to-use and dishwasher-safe measuring set. The teaspoons and tablespoons are slim enough for spice bottles, and the cups have short handles that will easily fit in a cluttered kitchen drawer. The measurements are embossed, so they won't rub off, and the entire set comes with a leveler to ensure you have accurate scoops.

This lip oil with a light red tint is way better than reaching for lip gloss all day because it's so soothing, and most importantly — it's not sticky. It has apple water, raspberry extract, and a bunch of vitamins, so this glossy oil is exfoliating, moisturizing, and antioxidant-rich.

This might be a travel coffee mug, but you’ll keep using it long after your morning coffee time because it comes with two reusable straws for your favorite afternoon sparkling water. Of course, you also get a classic flip lid for coffee with this insulated stainless steel cup, which keeps hot drinks hot for four hours and cold drinks ice cold for 16.

These doorstoppers are the things to reach for when it's nice outside because they make it so easy to prop open all of your doors to let in a breeze, and they’ll keep the door open with the powerful grip. Stick the included adhesive holders right on your door, and you have the perfect spot to hang these doorstops when you’ve had enough fresh air.

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