Matty Healy Kisses Fans, Eats Raw Meat on 1975 Tour
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Matty Healy Kisses Fans, Eats Raw Meat on 1975 Tour

Nov 26, 2023

The 1975 is currently on tour and lead singer Matty Healy is doing everything imaginable to make sure that concert clips are going viral. Before you ask which songs have been taking off, who said anything about singing? The tour might be in support of the band's fifth album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, but at least judging by social media, the concert stops have been most effective at promoting Healy's moments away from the mic. So far during the At Their Very Best Tour, Healy has proved he's an equal-opportunity kisser, consumed raw meat, and yelled at a security guard in auto-tune. Here's a roundup of clips to serve as an archive of what he's been doing onstage (besides singing).

matty kissing a fan during robbers last night

Both fans said that Healy asked for consent before giving them their Y/N moments.

bestie please this isn't you

POV: you’re matty healy and you have worms now

Was this necessary?

Matty Healy at The 1975's "Being Funny in a Foreign Language" tour.

…while literally, um, feeling himself. Just don't throw menthols on stage. (He don't like menthols.)

Can't miss arm day, we suppose.

I saw the 1975 tonight. lead singer (matty healy) slept through the entire set I do not recommend seeing this band.

He may not have actually slept for the whole show, but he clearly did take a little rest.

I just NEED you guys to see this video of matty Healy yelling at security to help someone at the 1975 show in Phoenix but in ✨auto tune ✨

Hmm, maybe this one counts as singing.