Milwaukee hardcore band World I Hate prep ‘Years of Lead’ LP (stream “Meat Grinder”)
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Milwaukee hardcore band World I Hate prep ‘Years of Lead’ LP (stream “Meat Grinder”)

Sep 30, 2023

Milwaukee hardcore band World I Hate released their debut EP Collapse in October of 2020 during global lockdown, and didn't play their first show until the following year, but as documented by hate5six, they've already become a force on stage. They're now gearing up to release their first full-length, Years of Lead, on June 2 via WAR Records, and that force comes through even louder and clearer on this record than it did on the EP. We're premiering new single "Meat Grinder," a no-frills, pissed-off, abrasive hardcore song, and here's what vocalist Hal Crossno tells us about it:

"Meat Grinder" is a song about work. I'm sure like most people, I've had quite a few shit jobs that I've dreaded going to every day. You know, the places that pay you as little as possible, have no regard for you as a person, and might even be a bit dangerous. This is all so the bosses and CEOs at the top can cut costs, and keep as much for themselves as they can get away with. But, we take these jobs, because the alternative of being homeless and hungry is much worse. "Meat Grinder" is about turning the tables, and taking revenge on the exploiters.

Years of Lead is a brick in the face, no frills hardcore record. 11 power violence influenced tracks tackling everything wrong with this rat fuck planet at a break neck pace. After listening, do not be alarmed if you are overcome with the urge to push your state senators car into a lake.

Listen to "Meat Grinder" and two previous singles below...


World I Hate -- 2023 Tour Dates (more TBA)June 17 - Summer Jam @ X-Ray Arcade Cudahy, WIJuly 15 - "Years of Lead" Record Release Show @ Cactus Club Milwaukee, WIJuly 21-22- The Rumble @ Cobra Lounge Chicago, ILSeptember 22-23- Hold Your Ground Fest @ Hansa Haus Mississauga Ontario