New yakiniku hair clips from Japan make meat lovers drool
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New yakiniku hair clips from Japan make meat lovers drool

Oct 31, 2023

When it comes to thinking outside the box in the design world, nobody does things quite like Japan, where you can buy everything from wind and thunder god bras through to Cup Noodle sneakers.

Now it's time for meat lovers to get a look-in, with a new set of hair clips that’ll make your accessories drawer look like a yakiniku restaurant.

There are a total of 12 different items to collect, and each one features a clip that looks just like the tongs you use to place the meat or vegetables on a grill at the restaurant.

This time, though, the tongs are used to place the meat and vegetables in your hair, or, if you’re not so daring, they’ll keep your place in a book or adorn a bag instead.

The clips look incredibly realistic, covering a wide range of items you’d commonly find on the menu at a yakiniku restaurant. The six below, for example, perfectly replicate (clockwise from top left): Kalbi (ribs), Sirloin, Tenderloin, Liver, Salted Tongue with Shallots, and Tomosankaku (tri-tip).

The marbling on the meat cuts above is incredibly realistic, and the attention to detail on the grilled loin and grilled ribs below are just as impressive.

▼ These two look like they’re dripping with juices.

While the cuts of meat are always the star of the show at any yakiniku restaurant, they’re usually accompanied by supporting characters in the form of vegetables, which help to balance out the experience.

▼ The support cast here covers favorites like pumpkin, onion, sanchu (Korean lettuce), and shiitake.

The clips are on sale only at the fully cashless "Kapuebo" capsule toy machines installed at the Molly Fantasy and Palo amusement facilities and the "Toys Spot Palo" capsule toy specialty stands.

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Images: PR Times

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When meat is no longer affordable then plastic replicas will just have to do…

Why? More plastic tat.

Im a meat lover. Im not drooling.

Im a meat lover. Im not drooling

You're so brave, lol..

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