N.J Man Threatened Women With Meat Tenderizer.
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N.J Man Threatened Women With Meat Tenderizer.

Jun 04, 2023

Yes Rat Rockers you are reading that right. Here is the story a Bergen County guy is going to be in some serious trouble after he robbed a 45 year old women who is 45 years old, and took just about $400 bucks, credit cards, with her purse, and even grabbed her cell phone.

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His name is Rickent Carrasco 33 of Cliffside Park New Jersey, and he decided to walk up to the victim in Bergenfield on Monday just around 10:30 in the morning and robbed her with a MEAT TENDERIZER! This took place just around the area of Murray Hill Terrace and Sylvan Ave. He then took off on foot and fled the scene. Luckily police caught up with Rickent Carrasco as they were nearby. Get this Rat Rock Nation he still was waiving the meat tenderizer.

Deadly strains of E. coli can get from feedlots and pastures can get into beef itself, transferring from a cow's gut to the meat during slaughter.

This suspect was also found in his possession all the things he had stole from the 45 year old victim. He was eventually taken under control and arrested, and now is being charged with second degree robbery and to add to it threat of bodily injury, also third and fourth degree weapons offenses.

If you as me Rickent Carrasco might be "Tenderizing Some Other Meat On Where He Is Heading !" Rickent is being held over in Bergen County Jail to await a court hearing. I really hope the poor actacked women gets all her stuff back and never has to look at a meat tenderizer ever again. Just be really careful out there and look out for people walking around the street for people waving weird things in the air, especially around that early in the morning.

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