Only Amazon Prime Members Can Access These 9 Amazing Kitchenware Deals, and Prices Start at Just $8
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Only Amazon Prime Members Can Access These 9 Amazing Kitchenware Deals, and Prices Start at Just $8

Sep 18, 2023

Up to 59% off.

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If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you probably know that super fast delivery is just one of the benefits. Prime members have access to exclusive deals all over Amazon, and right now, there are some unmissable discounts on clever kitchen appliances you didn't know you needed.

From a snow cone machine that kids and adults alike will enjoy, to a fondue pot that will make movie night even more cinematic, these gadgets are both fun and useful. We sorted through nearly all the Prime member kitchen deals available right now and picked out 9 of our absolute favorites. Prices start at just $8, but you have to be a Prime member to take advantage. The good news is, you can still sign up.


To buy: $29 with Prime (originally $70) at

This electric fondue pot is a fun way to impress your guests at your next cocktail party or movie night. It comes with three trays for strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels and other snacks, surrounding the melting pot in the middle. Simply add the pieces of chocolate to the bowl, and heat it up to 140°F until it's completely melted, then turn on the warm setting. Of course, pre-melted cheese can also be added to the pot instead of chocolate.

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To buy: $36 with coupon and Prime (originally $80) at

This bamboo cheese board is another way to take entertaining your guests to the next level. This spacious board, which measures 13.5- by 13.5-inches, can fit dried fruit, nuts, and charcuterie as well as several cheeses. Grooves at the rim of the cheeseboard are perfect for holding crackers and bread — no additional plate needed. The hidden drawer reveals four different cheese knives, and three labels (with markers) to help easily identify the cheese selection on the board. Plus, for prime members, it's $44 off right now.


To buy: $35 with Prime (originally $56) at

This extendable dish rack is currently on sale for its lowest price in the past month. It's designed to fit in kitchens of many different sizes, so if you move into a bigger (or smaller) space, you can take it with you. Measuring 10- by 5- by 5-inches, there's plenty of room for multiple glasses and plates, as well as cookware. An extendable tray offers even more space for utensils and dinnerware. A drainboard catches drips, while an attached spout funnels water into the sink.


To buy: $11 with Prime (originally $18) at

With summer approaching, you’re going to want to have a tool for serving up ice cream. But the ice cream scoop is actually one of the most versatile tools you can own. That's why this three-piece set, which comes with 0.8-ounce, 1.4-ounce, and 2.4-ounce scoops, is so indispensable. They can be used to scoop perfectly round balls of cookie dough and meatballs, batter for pancakes, and fillings for deviled eggs. They’re also great for ice cream, too.


To buy: $32 with Prime (originally $50) at

Storing rice in the ripped-open bag it came in isn't just messy, it's unsanitary. A rice dispenser like this one offers a dry, clean place to store up to 25 pounds of rice at a time. At the press of just one button, you can dispense the desired amount of rice into the included measuring cup. It also comes with a rice scoop and a cleaning brush to wash out the inside of the storage container.


To buy: $8 with Prime (originally $13) at

If you’re planning on grilling this summer, this hamburger press might come in handy. The press creates patties of uniform size and thickness every time, and comes with both small (for sliders) and large bases for different size patties. The included indent press can be used to create custom burger fillings, like a fried egg. They’re made from non-stick material, so no raw meat will be left behind after use.


To buy: $16 with coupon and Prime (originally $30) at

Speaking of spending time outdoors, whether you’re hosting lunch on the patio or just lounging by the pool, cold beverages are a must. The large 2-liter capacity of this glass pitcher can serve a whole family, and it can hold both iced and hot tea and coffee. The stainless steel lid is spill-proof, and has two ports — a large one and a second small one to prevent ice from dropping into the glass.


To buy: $43 with Prime (originally $80) at

This stainless steel French fry cutter uses a professional grade blade to easily cut through raw, whole potatoes, but it works on any long vegetable, including carrots and cucumbers. It can cut up the entire vegetable with just one pull of the lever, so there's minimal effort involved. The heavy duty material is built to last, so you can make your family hand made French fries for years to come.


To buy: $13 with Prime (originally $26) at

If your cabinets are a scattered mess of spice jars, seasonings, tea bags, and half-used bags of sugar and flour, this lazy susan will help you get organized. The round, spinning rack offers easy access to pantry items, or you can place it on your kitchen island or dining room table and stock it with regularly used condiments and utensils. The 1.6-inch lip prevents items from falling off. Anywhere that needs tidying up in your kitchen will benefit from this space-saving device.

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