The 10 Best KitchenAid Mixer Attachments of 2022
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The 10 Best KitchenAid Mixer Attachments of 2022

Sep 03, 2023

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If you’ve got of a KitchenAid standing mixer, you know they’re heavy on user-friendliness — but did you know about their versatility?

These add-ons can make your KitchenAid mixer stratospheric:

Take a look at that little silver cap on the front of the unit. That's your attachment socket. And it changes 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 game.

Yes, there's a world of add-ons and plug-ins for your mixer, but which are the essentials? We’ve picked a dozen of our favorite KitchenAid attachments to share with you.

We’ve also provided a guide to pricing, as not all of these attachments will be as easy on your pockets as your taste buds:

We’re pretty attached to these now…

Pasta is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet. You can put your own stamp on these delicious dishes by making your own pasta from scratch. These three attachments make it super easy.

Whether you love average spaghetti or you’re an active fettuccini enjoyer, this is a useful KitchenAid attachment for pasta fans.

Amateurs and pros alike may benefit from its user-friendliness. The roller kneads your dough, getting it ready for the cutter. The company suggests that this creates optimum linguine spacing every single time.

You can also use the roller for other doughs. Give it a whirl for consistent cookies and rock steady cinnamon rolls.

Maybe long noodles aren't your bag.

Well, this attachment lets your KitchenAid mixer create spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, macaroni, and fusilli via a selection of nozzles. Online reviews suggest that it's easy to clean and use, but requires a pretty wet dough recipe with a sprinkling of flour to produce strands that don't stick together.

It works like those Play-Doh machines you had as a kid, but the result is way tastier (as long as your pasta dough recipe doesn't suck). Oh, and you can make those bad boys as long or as short as you please. #longboi #chonkyboi

Veggie noodles are a treat but making them can be tricky unless you’re a spiralizer. This attachment takes out the need for a separate machine and brings spiralizing madness right to your KitchenAid

You get to choose how thin or chunky your veg will be. It also peels as well as slices and can handle fruit. Customer reviews love being able to choose the size of their veg, but are less keen on the bits of the veg that stay skewered, wasting a little for each veg you trim.

From apples to potatoes, carrots to lemons, it's a versatile option that more than earns a spot on this list.

Not only does this juicy little KitchenAid attachment look positively space-age, but the manufacturers also suggest that its seven segmented spirals help you get the most juice possible from your goodies. It comes with specialized filters to allow as much or as little pulp into your juice as you like.

You can get creative with those filters and also produce thicker sauces and jams. Reviews claim that this is a great space-saver for juice enthusiasts. But they do emphasize that the juice falls a little too far from the fruit and can get somewhat splattery – meaning some pulp also misses the pulp cup and makes it into your juice.

While this isn't ideal, it simply takes a second straining session to remove the pulp.

This is a very clever attachment indeed, combining a number of functions that chefs struggle to live without. With adjustable thickness settings, you can use your KitchenAid mixer to shred, slice, or julienne your chosen ingredients (using something the manufacturers call EasySlice, which is, y’know, kind of the whole point).

The machine can be *pretty* loud according to customer reviews, and it's apparently quite difficult to put back in the case – which is more the fault of the case than the processor, but still.

However, customer reviews glow about the simplicity of cleaning it and claim that it works a charm with harder veggies as well as meats.

This handy unit takes the elbow work out of slicing and shredding veggies, nuts, and cheeses to a consistent size. This is a pretty versatile KitchenAid attachment considering its lower price tag – and options like cheeses don't even get stuck to the blade, according to customer reviews, which is super handy.

As with all these attachments, the manufacturer suggests that it's ideal for consolidating tools and freeing up kitchen space. While it can't handle meat, it makes short work of more or less everything else in seconds.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, this is a much-loved attachment, even if it's not an official KitchenAid product. Some users had issues with slicing harder materials, though, like parmesan cheese – these warped the cutting cones. Yikes!

As vegetarian and vegan cuisine evolves and grows in popularity, so do the tools for the job.

This attachment lets your KitchenAid mixer produce ribbons of flavor from your favorite fruits and vegetables, and it has a pretty overwhelming glut of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

You probably don't need both this attachment *and* the spiralizer unless you’re simply crazy for that veggie pasta. Also, according to some online user reviews, it sucks at slicing yellow squash. Other users claim that the clamp for the veggies is quite a cheap plastic component that doesn't do what it should.

Wanna get creative with your meat? Gourmet carnivores can effortlessly blend beef, pork, poultry, and fish with this food grinder attachment.

It comes with extras like a sausage stuffing tube, which takes a lot of the fiddliness out of crafting your own sausages from scratch. (You can literally be part of how the sausage is made.)

Customers rate this pretty highly indeed. They claim that it's incredibly durable for the price and takes care of even well-aged meat, no problemo (even though about 2 tbsp of meat gets stuck in the grinder). Try one BBQ season with this grindyboi and see how you get on.

Your KitchenAid will come with attachments like a whisk, dough hook, and a mixing paddle. This attachment is a fancier version of the paddle. With a silicone blade/scoop on one end, it provides a smoother and more thorough mix. Plus, it scrapes the edge of the bowl during the mix, preserving more of that sweet, sweet cake batter.

Some customer reviews warn that it might not reach all parts of the bowl. And if you’re getting bang for buck from the plastic paddle, you might not need to splash on this attachment.

It's the cheapest attachment on this list, but if you make use of those core attachments, you might consider it a worthwhile upgrade. It's important to note that this scraper only works with 4.5 and 5-qt tilt-head models. If you’re after a scraper attachment for a 6-qt Bowl-lift model, you can find it here.

Who doesn't like ice cream?

This attachment replaces the bowl on your KitchenAid mixer and uses the rotating paddle to blend your chosen ingredients. You can then simply pop the bowl straight into the freezer and enjoy homemade ice cream whenever.

This attachment is on the bulkier side, but it comes with handy features like a choice of churn settings. Thick, chunky chocolate or light, airy raspberry? You decide.

Some reviews warn that the cooling gel leaks from the attachment, and other caution about sloppy ice cream. But the positive reviews outnumber the negative by some distance.

This one takes all your dry ingredients, sifts them, then deposits them right into your bowl.

There's also an in-built scale that keeps those ingredients in the right proportions. Reviews highlight that this attachment is particularly useful for bakers. Dry ingredients can get stuck on the way into the bowl, and pre-cleaning disassembly can be a fiddly ask. But the customer ratings give the strong impression that this does what it's meant to and makes baking easier.

If you’re a keen experimental baker, this takes the awkward guesswork out of eyeing up new recipes. Less experienced bakers might benefit from the added precision while they get to grips with things.

Crafting ravioli by hand is a true test of mastery for pasta lovers. Unless, according to the manufacturers, they use this attachment. But it's not always so simple…

The idea is that feed your chosen filling into the machine and it’ll stuff your ravioli while you seal it up. According to its creators, this attachment makes it way easier than the fiddly specialist tools that the job normally demands.

However, dropping this much dollar for the ability to make one type of pasta seems a little futile compared to the versatility of the other pasta attachments. Some customer reviews were also not impressed with its sealing capabilities – and while this is more for stuffing ravioli while you seal by hand, it seems a little pointless for it not to go the whole hog.

There's a good reason these mixers have been blessing kitchens across the land since the 1930s. They’re versatile and durable, even before you add your chosen attachments.

Ponder your favorite food creations and get these KitchenAid plug-ins involved to make your life so much easier.

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