The best food processors to handle slicing, dicing, and chopping
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The best food processors to handle slicing, dicing, and chopping

Aug 29, 2023

My grandma is the authority on food, at least in my family. When I mentioned that I was writing about food processors, she had plenty of input. She once bought my uncle a food processor for his birthday two years in a row. And no, she doesn't think he uses it.

That's the problem, she says: so many people get food processors as a wedding present or holiday gift and leave them wedged in the corner of the cabinet. But not grandma. She uses hers a few times a week, even to make apple muffins.

To her, a food processor is a necessity of the kitchen. It saves time chopping and dicing ingredients. But choose wisely, as some may take too much time to clean or are too complicated for your needs.

If you just want smoothies and thin dressing, look for a blender. We have a roundup of the best blenders as well as the best single-serve blenders.

Be honest with yourself as you scroll through this list: What will you actually make with this machine? How many people do you usually serve? Is there enough space in that awkward cabinet above the refrigerator?

If you host people frequently or are a potluck fein, you have a tough choice to make. Do you want a food processor large enough to slice in bulk? Or are you usually just feeding a table of four? There are some impressive (and expensive) machines that’ll get you cooking in no time, and there are small models that require a little less budgeting.

Keep your eye on the wattage. The larger the number, the easier it can cut through food. This can save time and frustration.

Another key feature is the attachments. A standard s-shaped blade comes with every model, but some allow you to swap for different types of cuts. The standard blade can do a lot, even make dough. It chops and grinds perfectly, but won't slice or julienne. My top pick even has a disc to make waffle fries. But these features usually come alongside hefty price tags.

To create this list, I spent hours combing through reviews and suggestions. I’ve watched a lot of America's Test Kitchen videos on YouTube, and I’ve even scrolled through the food processor Reddit page. The final step is to get a variety of price points, sizes, and designs. Hopefully one of these will suit you.