The Best Way To Debone A Rotisserie Chicken Is All In The Technique
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The Best Way To Debone A Rotisserie Chicken Is All In The Technique

Oct 18, 2023

Rotisserie chicken is a home cook's secret weapon when it comes to easy weeknight dinners. You can shred or chop the meat, depending on how you're planning to use it and save time when preparing a meal. However, everyone's deboning technique is slightly different and can cause some consternation if not done quite right.

Si Foster, author of "A Bountiful Kitchen," offers a unique approach in a video she shared recently on Instagram. It shows a Costco worker demonstrating how they process rotisserie chicken for use in their kitchens. She starts by holding the entire chicken in both hands and placing her thumbs along the inside of the legs. Applying a slight downward pressure causes the joint to fall out of place, allowing her to remove the meat with ease.

The next step is to slide the skin off the chicken. This is best done while the meat is warm. Otherwise, the fatty bits will become firm and increase the difficulty of movement. Sliding her thumbs along the breastbone, the Costco worker then proceeds to lift the chicken breast off of the carcass. She carries it over to a prepared baking sheet, where she quickly shreds it with her fingers.

Another technique requires the help of two forks, as explained by Food Network. Place a cutting board over a towel so that it doesn't slide on the counter. Once you separate the meat from the bone, set it on a cutting board and use the forks to pull it apart. Remember to follow the grain of the meat, as this will make it easier to tear into clean strands.

You could also toss the pieces of chicken into a stand mixer. Secure the flat beater attachment, lower the head of the machine, and let it do the work. The circular motion of the paddle will gently work the meat apart until it is perfectly shredded. Make sure that the chicken is warm to ensure that it works properly.

Opting to work with rotisserie chicken reduces the time spent in the kitchen. Prepare a week's worth of lunches by whipping up this simple rotisserie chicken salad! Even shredding the meat and putting it the freezer increases the ease of future meals.

If you're looking to use up a leftover rotisserie chicken, consider this fun breakfast alternative. Combine fried tortilla strips with a fresh jar of salsa and simmer over medium heat. Serve with shredded chicken, a dollop of sour cream, and shredded cheddar cheese. Slide a fried egg on top and sprinkle a bit of sliced red onion and chopped cilantro to round out the flavors.