A Reliable Electric Hand Mixer Is a Must
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A Reliable Electric Hand Mixer Is a Must

Oct 22, 2023

It will last for years.

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When it comes to essential baking appliances, there's no doubt that stand mixers get all the spotlight. But that's simply unfair. A hand mixer might not have the strength of the stand mixer, but if you frequently bake, you need to have one in your kitchen.

Long before I ever saved up enough money to buy my own KitchenAid stand mixer, a family friend who knew I loved to bake gifted me a Hamilton Beach electric hand mixer. I’ve owned it for six years, and I bake at least three times a month. I’m convinced that it's the only hand mixer you’ll ever need. Not only is it affordable, but it gets the job done with no fuss.


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The Hamilton Beach hand mixer is a bestseller with 40,800 five-star ratings on Amazon for good reason. First, and most importantly, it's reliable. This six-speed model comes with two metal beaters and a whisk. I use it for low lift baking projects, like whipping air into egg whites for meringues, making whipped cream, and mixing together a simple boxed cake or brownie batter.

One of the biggest downsides of a hand mixer is that you have to hold it in place while you use it, and your hand can get stiff as a result. That's why I only use this hand mixer for quick tasks that require very few ingredients. It is so much simpler than hauling my stand mixer (which is very heavy) onto the counter from its storage space, cleaning the large bowl, and putting it away again.

The Hamilton Beach hand mixer is surprisingly durable for the price. I’ve been using it for six years, and it has taken its fair share of splatters and stains, accidental drops on the floor, and casual tosses into the sink. It still works like a charm. When I’m done using it, all it takes to clean is a simple wipe down with a wet sponge to remove most of the oil, batter, cream, or egg.

Food & Wine / Elisabeth Sherman

I keep the hand mixer within easy reach in a cabinet under the counter, so I can easily grab it when the occasion calls for it. The metal beaters snap easily into place, and show no signs of wearing down or rusting even after frequent use. It doesn't have any fancy settings or attachments, but it works perfectly fine.

As an avid-baker, I can say for certain that a hand mixer is essential. At just $26 this Hamilton Beach model is an affordable and long-lasting addition to your appliance collection.

At the time of publishing, the price was $26.

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