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Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Clever Things For Your Home Under $35

Jul 06, 2023


Pure genius.

Even if you fancy yourself a traditionalist, it's hard not to dip into the online shopping world's ever-increasing supply of tricks, cheats, and products that streamline your day-to-day routines at home. (How anyone with limited closet space can live without vertical hangers is beyond us.) And as far as clever home products are concerned, Amazon has the market cornered — not least because some of their most genius things cost well under $35.

From storage containers that prolong the life of your produce to a motion-sensing keyhole light that’ll give you peace of mind when you come home at night, Amazon's selling a ton of these clever products for your home under $35. Though you may add these things to your cart as an afterthought, you’ll soon wonder how you ever did without them.

This provides a simple but brilliant solution to an all-too-common household problem: How in the world to organize all the lids to your reusable food storage containers. This lid organizer tray comes with five adjustable dividers that allow you to fit your entire collection of lids, so you’ll no longer need to rummage around your cabinets seeking the right lid for the right container. Raved one Amazon reviewer, "Putting it together was a snap (pun intended) and much to my surprise it holds way more than I thought it would. My only regret is that I did not buy one sooner!"

Here's a clever way to make your cleaning routines more cost-effective and eco-friendly: Ditch your typical paper towels for these Swedish dishcloths. Not only do these cellulose-and-cotton cloths "absorb 100% better than even the best name brand paper towels I've bought," according to one Amazon customer, but they’re also machine-washable, so you can reuse them again and again. The unique diamond texture also works to scrub away dirt and grime, and they’re safe to use on all surfaces, from wood to marble to tiles. Unsurprisingly, these have earned a cult following on Amazon, amassing over 50,000 total ratings to date.

Who would’ve thought a mini waffle maker would become one of Amazon's most beloved home products? Boasting a 4.7-star rating after over 200,000 shoppers have weighed in, the Dash waffle maker earns praise for being "fun, cute and easy to use," and that it "makes perfect waffles." The compact size is perfect for making single-serve waffles, though you can get creative and use it for hash browns, omelets, "chaffles," and more — not to mention, it costs less than $10. As one reviewer put it, "There are few items on Amazon for under $10 that are as fantastic as this mini waffle maker."

If you’re a bath person, this waterproof bamboo bath caddy just might become the best $30 you’ll spend all year. The sides are expandable, so you can adjust it to fit your bathtub perfectly (and the silicone grips at the ends means you won't need to stress about your phone falling into the water while you’re streaming, scrolling, or reading). It has a handy well for your phone, a stand to prop up a book or iPad, and a slot to keep glasses secure — everything you need to make your bath feel truly spa-worthy. It's a hit among bath lovers on Amazon, who’ve awarded it a near-perfect 4.6-star rating overall.

This may look like a chic fluffy ottoman on the surface, but since the interior arrives unstuffed, you can also use it as storage and fill it with towels, blankets, and pillows — or, as one customer wrote, "I cleaned out my closet and folded all my unworn clothes and put them inside." How clever is that? It comes in 12 styles and finishes, from chocolate cubes to creamy orbs, to match any interior aesthetic.

These motion-sensing LED lights will make your day-to-day routines so seamless, particularly if you install them in high-traffic areas like under cabinets, along staircases, or in your closets. For even more ease of use, they can be mounted via a super-strong adhesive and magnet (no electrician required), and they can be charged up with an included USB cable. One shopper shared, "The motion detection is accurate. This light comes on when it needs to (when I open the door to where my shoes are stored) and turns off quickly after I am done. I plan to buy more for under my sinks, pantry, linen closet, and any deep cabinets so that I am no longer wondering 'what did I put back there...." You can also set them to turn on and off manually, if you prefer.

The definition of clever, this aptly named Snap N Strain Pot Strainer clips right onto the side of your pots, so you can easily strain pasta, beans, and other cooking liquids without the need for a separate colander — and, as one customer wrote, "It takes a lot less room in the drawer and easier to clean than the standard mesh strainer. Just toss it in the dishwasher!" Amazon's best-selling food strainer, it's earned over 25,000 perfect five-star ratings to date.

Give your wood furniture, cabinets, and floors the easiest refresh ever with these genius wood markers. The order comes with two types of products — markers and wax sticks — in an array of finishes to cover up scratches and scuffs on all kinds of wood. "These markers were so easy to use. Just color match as close as possible & wipe the excess. Took me like 5 min to do this table and it looks like brand new," one shopper wrote of the best-selling product, continuing, "Probably my favorite product i’ve purchased from amazon!!!"

This genius keyhole light will give you so much peace of mind when you’re coming home on late nights. The motion-sensor technology automatically turns on when you approach the keyhole, then it’ll shine a bright, direct light onto the keyhole so you won't need to scramble or fuss to fit your key into it. "Works perfect for lighting door locks and knobs," one Amazon reviewer shared, explaining, "Makes entering at night or low light areas easier safer and faster. Strong motion sensor detects motions about 5-6ft away depending on how you setup."

This cable organizer is one of those small, inexpensive purchases that’ll end up revolutionizing your daily work routine. The strip discretely adheres to the side of your desk and is equipped with 11 slots for threading cables through, keeping all your wires organized, tangle-free, and tucked out of the way while you’re working. Reviewers also stick them on the sides of their nightstands, kitchen islands, or other high-traffic areas that can work as charging stations. This $10 order comes with three cable organizers.

This rustic-chic wall shelf will create some extra shelf space anywhere you mount it, from the kitchen to the foyer to the bedroom. And, unlike other wall shelves, this one has a bar with eight removable S-hooks that allow you to hang pots and pans and the like; or, you can remove them altogether and use the bar to hang dish towels. Reviewers confirm that it's "easy to assemble" and "holds a lot."

Anything that can streamline closet space is considered "clever" in our book, and with close to 8,000 perfect ratings, these space-saving hangers are also incredibly popular on Amazon. Each hanger in this order of two has five tiers and is situated vertically to maximize your storage space; and though they’re designed for pants, there's no reason why you can't also hang scarves, dresses, or tops on them, too — they have rubber grips and an S-shaped design to keep slippery fabrics from falling off.

Sick of metal shelves that rust and get mildewy in your shower? Install these sleek glass shelves instead — which are suprisingly heavy duty despite their delicate appearance (they hold up to 20 pounds each). In addition to being easy to keep clean, they’re also more spacious than your average shower shelves, and suit all different styles of bathroom decor.

This best-selling electric wine opener smoothly uncorks your wine bottles with the press of a button (and then releases the cork with one more) — and you don't even need to cut the foil. A single charge can uncork up to 30 bottles, but when it's time to recharge, you can just stick it on the included charging dock. It’ll help you effortlessly enjoy your next bottle of wine, and create something of a party trick at your next cocktail party.

Bamboo bath mats are so genius because, unlike fabric bath mats, they won't harbor bacteria or become smelly — which is why they tend not to come cheap. This one, however, costs less than $25, and its sleek bamboo finish will give your bathroom an additional spa-like touch. If you don't love the natural wood finish, it also comes in black and gray designs.

Another smart, eco-friendly swap for common household items, these food wraps are made with organic cotton, organic plant oils, resin, and responsibly sourced beeswax; and unlike plastic wrap or tinfoil, they can be rinsed with soap and water and reused several times over. (It’ll still create a seal that sticks to itself or other surfaces, thanks to the beeswax and resin.) "I'd seen beeswax wraps before, but they were always so expensive," one customer wrote. "Then I found some on Amazon, and I knew I had to get them. Overall great product; easy to use, easy to clean, great at keeping things fresh." This under-$20 order comes with one small, one medium, and one large wrap.

Can't afford a full on kitchen renovation? Put up these stick and peel backsplash tiles instead — they look just as good as the real thing but are much less expensive. Putting them up isn't as hard as you’d think, either — hundreds of Amazon reviewers rave about how easy they are to "install." And the good news is, if you rent, they’re just as easy to take down. Keep in mind that these would work nicely in a bathroom, too.

With over 135,000 individual ratings and a 4.5-star overall rating, the ChomChom has officially ascended to cult status. The roller works like "magic" to rid upholstered furniture (and clothing) from hair and fur, and it's much easier to clean than a standard lint roller or vacuum — just press a button to open the receptacle, and dump it in the trash. "This is legitimately one of the best , most efficient, and most spectacular inventions ever created," one shopper raved. No pet owner should be without this.

If your bathroom or kitchen tiles are looking a little grimy, this cult-favorite grout pen offers a clever solution to make them look brand new again. A best-seller on Amazon, you can choose between a narrow tip or wider tip, and the whole grout-coloring process is oddly satisfying. One Amazon reviewer commented, "Why didn't I buy it sooner? It's a game changer."

The cult-favorite Bentgo is a must if you like to take your lunch with you to the office, or on road trips, picnics, and camping trips. The stackable container has two tiers: One open container for main dishes, and one with four compartments for snacks, sides, and dressings, separated by a tray with reusable utensils. The whole thing is dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe, and it comes in eight colors, including this pretty marble print-and-blush version above.

Not only does this cosmetics organizer look impressive, but it's also a convenient (and neat) way to keep your skin care and makeup collection within easy reach. The shelves are adjustable, so you can create a custom configuration that comfortably fits your collection of products, and it features 360-degree rotation for easy, mess-free access. Over 14,000 Amazon shoppers have awarded it a perfect five-star rating.

Made of stylish bamboo, these drawer organizers are adjustable on either end to fit any-sized drawer (and have handy non-slip feet so they’ll stay in place) for instant organizational bliss. Use them to organize utensils, bras and underwear, bathroom essentials, and so much more. "These fit great and made my kitchen drawer look more organized and custom," one customer wrote, while another called them "the most versatile drawer organizers I’ve ever used."

Take your movie nights to the next level with this LED backlight that lights up in millions (yes, millions) of colors. Sold in five sizes, it can be controlled with an app on your phone, and the kit comes with everything you’ll need to install the backlight (a process which, according to one Amazon reviewer, is "easy and painless.")

The perfect marriage between style and function, this LED clock has a cool mirrored surface that can work as an actual mirror, and it has two USB charging ports, so you can also use it to charge up your phone and tablet, or any other devices you like to keep on your bedside table. Plus, the display automatically adjusts its brightness levels according to the light in the room so you can easily read it, without glare. Another fan-favorite home item, it comes backed by over 25,000 Amazon ratings.

This food storage container comes with a carbon filter, adjustable air vents, and a built-in colander in addition to the standard airtight lid, which all help prevent produce from spoiling, extending the life of all your fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, and other produce. Genius, right? According to over 3,000 shoppers who left a five-star rating or review, all those features actually work. "I put 3 grapefruit in it, and... 5 weeks later, they were perfectly viable," one shopper shared. The carbon filters last for 90 days, and you can purchase refills here.

Presenting: The popcorn maker you never knew you needed — but, according to over 20,000 shoppers who left a five-star rating or review, you’ll wonder how you ever did without. One shopper wrote, "This might be the best, most functional item I've bought off Amazon....and cheap!" and others report that it works so much better than the usual microwave or stovetop methods for creating "delicious unburnt popcorn" every single time. At about $15, why not pick one up before your next movie night?

Save precious countertop space (and cut back on clutter) with this magnetic knife rack. A number-one best-seller on Amazon with over 30,000 five-star ratings (and a rare 4.8-star overall rating), it can also be used in a studio to hold crafting tools or in a garage or workshop to hold tools. Choose from six sizes, ranging from 10 to 24 inches.

If yours is like most households, there's always confusion about whether the dishwasher is dirty or clean. This ridiculously clever sign solves that problem once and for all — just swap the sign depending on the status of the dishes inside, et voila. The sign has a rare, 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon, and stays on using either magnets or the included adhesives.

If your measuring spoons are currently in a jumbled mess in your drawer — or, if you could simply use an upgrade — these magnetic measuring spoons have been called "the best measuring spoons ever" by hundreds of Amazon reviewers (they even boast a rare, 4.9-star overall rating). What makes them so great? Well, not only do they look sleek, but they’re double sided, come with all the measurements you’d ever need, and nest together magnetically so they’ll never get separated in your drawer again.

If your underwear or sock drawer is a mess (and whose isn't?) invest in these drawer organizers stat — they’re also handy for smaller towels, wash cloths, baby clothes, and ties. Sold in a pack of three and highly rated by Amazon reviewers, they come with 64 slots total and can be collapsed when not in use for easy storage. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "This thing is amazing! My drawers are so organized now. I would suggest this for anyone. You can put sports bras in it too, not just panties and socks." Another person commented, "I saw a little hack on tik tok about using these for your baby's clothes and I LOVED it! The three different sizes are great for the 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 months! It's so convenient. Would definitely recommend this for any new moms!"

Take your desk space to the next level with this sleek, modern lamp that doubles as phone charger — and the cool thing is, you can either charge your phone wirelessly or with a USB port, depending on your preference. The lamp itself is USB rechargeable, too, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing a bulb. What's more, the brightness of the lamp is adjustable, and the whole interface is touch sensitive, so you can turn it on and adjust the lighting with the touch of a finger.

This genius vegetable chopper makes life in the kitchen so much easier — it's amazing for onions, but it can be used to quickly and evenly prepare all sorts of vegetables, like potatoes and zucchinis, too. It comes with four different blades for various preperation techniques — two dicing blades (for small and large dicing), a spiralizer blade, and a ribbon blade. Like all of the products on this list, this is a best-seller on Amazon with over 40,000 five-star ratings.

If you love iced coffee (or iced tea), you need this cold brew maker in your life — it's also nice to have on hand for guests. It’ll keep your drink fresh and cold for optimal deliciousness and couldn't be any easier to use. One Amazon reviewer commented, "This is great! I love that it has a removable rubber bottom to prevent breakage. Also it's shaped in such a way as to keep some tiny grounds that might sneak through the filter from pouring into the cup! Great product!"

This electric lighter allows you to light anything, in any weather, thanks to its windproof, moisture-resistant design. A must for any household, it's USB rechargeable (that means no worrying about refilling it with fuel) and has an extra-long wand to allow you to reach into deep candles and hurricane holders. "This product is genius," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "It's a new era for lighting flames. Couldn't live without it anymore. Ordered two more!"

If you’re like the majority of the population and love avocados, you need this clever little avocado slicer in your life. It de-pits, slices, and scoops out your favorite creamy green fruit so guacamole and avo toast prep has never been easier. A fan favorite on Amazon with over 25,000 five-star ratings, it also makes an excellent gift. One person wrote, "I was so impressed with this clever tool that I've reordered one for a friend. Highly recommended!"

Make your home seem 10 times cooler with these smart bulbs, which light up in millions of colors so you can create a custom ambience in any space (they also light up in classic warm white, if you prefer). They can be controlled with your voice if you have a smart home device like Amazon Alexa, or, you can control them with an app on your phone (or, simply switch them on the old fashioned way). "I can't tell you how much of a difference they make in changing the mood and the beauty of a room," one Amazon reviewer commented.

If you’re a bit of a germaphobe — or just love adding high-tech, modern touches to your home — pick up this best-selling automatic soap dispenser. The motion-activated dispenser pours out the perfect amount of soap without you having to touch a thing, and it holds over two bottles of soap, so you can buy it in bulk (which’ll save you money in the long run). It even has five different "soap output levels" depending on whether you’re doing the dishes or giving your hands a quick wash.

Plastic straws are bad for the environment, cardboard straws get all mushy and soft, and metal straws clang around in your glass. Silicone straws, however, are pure perfection — and a must for any home. This set of extra-long silicone straws comes with a pack of 10, as well as a tiny brush for cleaning them, though keep in mind that they are dishwasher safe. Over 16,000 Amazon shoppers have purchased them, and subsequently left them a perfect five-star rating.

This clever little blender is the perfect size to make yourself a personal, grab-and-go smoothie. You simply blend up your ingredients and then pop the jar off — it doubles a travel cup (just pop in one of the silicone straws featured above) and comes with a leak-proof lid. Most of the components are dishwasher safe, and the cup is designed to fit comfortably into most car cup holders. Amazon shoppers are clearly obsessed, having awarded it over 60,000 five-star ratings to date.

If you frequently deal with unwanted odors in your home, whether that's in a bathroom, closet, basement, or kitchen, you need to try these clever odor-removing gels. Each one lasts for up to two months and uses natural ingredients, so they’re a much better alternative to chemical-laden air fresheners. Take your pick between a lemon, lavender, or "original" scent.

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