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Best French Fry Cutters in 2022

Jan 16, 2024

With these gadgets, you can achieve restaurant-quality french fries at home.

By Bonnie Azoulay

Published on September 21, 2022

By Bonnie Azoulay

Published on September 21, 2022

If you’re looking for a french fry cutter that can easily shred any type of potato into perfect 3D fries, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found cutters that can make curly, waffle, and steak-cut fries. We’ve found options that can make straightforward, restaurant-quality fries. There are so many ways to prepare fries, and when you’re looking for a fry cutter, you’ll want to take into consideration what kind of fries you want to make (as well as how much counter and cabinet space you’re willing to dedicate to it).

Read on to find our picks for the best french fry cutters, so you can have golden, crispy fries whenever the craving hits.

Materials: Stainless steel | Safety Guard: Yes | Dishwasher safe: No

Why we chose it: PrepExress is well-reviewed and affordable for the home cook who makes fries once in a while and doesn't want to invest a lot into the device.

This french fry cutter is easy to use and doesn't require assembly. Simply pop your potato onto the grid (you can choose between steak or regular fries), and push down on the plastic cover with your hands. The potato will meet the blade and cut them into slim or average-sized sticks. It doesn't double as a cuber, so you’ll need another machine if you’d like that feature.

This cutter comes with a small bowl on the bottom of the gadget to catch the freshly cut potatoes. Since this device is small and lightweight, you can gently wash it and store it away seamlessly. Once you’re done handwashing it, make sure to leave the blade inside the device before storing it away for safety reasons.

Materials: Plastic | Safety guard: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes

Why we chose it: Prep Solutions is a best-seller on with great customer reviews. It's affordable, multipurpose, and easy to use.

The french fry cutter by Prep Solutions is great for how versatile it is. You can chop any firm vegetables with it, including potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, onions, and much more. It comes with a few different grids depending on what shape you’re looking for.

In order to avoid any kitchen injuries, this gadget comes with a non-skid base to firmly place on a smooth kitchen counter or surface. But do be careful, as the blade is quite sharp.

All four pieces (the grid, blade, plastic container, and plastic safety cover) can be thrown in the dishwasher when you’re done using it.

Materials: Aluminum Alloy and stainless steel | Safety guard: Yes | Dishwasher safe: No

Why we chose it: Zimtown's professional french fry cutter is durable, sturdy, and can be used in small restaurants or in households, if you are serious about this tasty side dish.

The Zimtown french fry slicer can be used for commercial and household use. It comes with one 3/8-inch blade, which produces standard-sized fries. Aside from being a potato cutter, this gadget can also be used for onions, radishes, and other vegetables.

Once you’re ready to get chopping, you’ll need to screw in the blade, place the potato between the blade and grid as you pull down on an aluminum lever. The aluminum alloy material ensures that the pieces don't get rusty. Still, you’ll have to hand-wash this item since it can't go in the dishwasher. (Be careful with that blade!) And with a bulky lever, you might have trouble finding a place to store it—especially in a smaller kitchen.

Materials: Cast-iron handle and stainless steel trough | Safety guard: Yes | Dishwasher safe: No

Why we chose it: This device is made by a restaurant equipment and supply company. It's durable and great for any home cook who crave restaurant-style fries.

The Thunder Group french fry cutter can withstand the test of time, whether in a restaurant or at home. It's heavy, but its weight allows it to stay put without suction cups or other pieces holding it down. Plus, the pretty green color will look beautiful in a kitchen with bold or minimal colors. Especially if you can't fit it in your cabinet, it’ll look like it's intended to be on your countertop. And if you use your french fry cutter a lot, you won't have to dig for it like you would with other gadgets.

At almost $100, it's more expensive than many other fry cutters on the market for home kitchens. But if you’re serious about making typical-sized french fries in bulk and storing them in your freezer or making them fresh every week, then this device could be your next favorite thing.

Material: Plastic | Safety Guard: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes, except the blades, which should be hand-washed

Why we chose it: This mandoline slicer can make all sorts of fries, from crinkle cut to waffle—something many other brands don't offer. And at a low price!

This fry cutter is your not-so-typical mandoline. It doesn't just slice vegetables, it also has various shapes for french fries! Choose between a waffle shape, crinkle shape, or good ole cubed shape. There are five different grids to choose from depending on the cut you’re looking for.

To make waffle fries, you’ll need to follow some instructions. Instead of just slicing the potato with the blade and pushing down with your hands, you’ll need to rotate the potato 90 degrees between each slice to create that signature criss-cross shape. Otherwise, it will just look like ridges.

"Firstly, consider the use," says Michael East, CEO of Griddle King. "Are you using it at home, or are you purchasing one for your restaurants? This distinction will affect which french fry cutter you buy. You can often find standard home-use cutters and heavy-duty industrial french fry cutters."

"The main thing to consider before buying a french fry cutter is whether you want a manual or automatic mechanism," says Jenna Park, cofounder, CEO, and creative director of Whimsy and Spice. "This choice doesn't just come down to ease, but it also depends on what type of french fries you want to cut and what they are being used for. For example, automatic cutters are useful for mass production of french fries that are all going to be uniform in shape (straight and thin). Manual cutters, on the other hand, are great for small amounts of fries, especially if you also want to experiment with creating curly fries and wedges alongside the classic french fry."

"Suction cup feet are a big consideration when purchasing a french fry cutter," says Yester Banuchyan, chef, CEO and founder of Cook on Monday. "Most of them need to be mounted to a countertop, wall, or heavy cutting board before they can be used. Unfortunately, most kitchens don't have the available counter space to do this. When investing in a fry cutter, purchase ones with suction cup feet as they provide a perfect alternative. These can be used to secure the base of the unit and allow it to be temporarily mounted to a smooth countertop or work table surface. Then, ultimately they are removed and stored elsewhere when it is no longer needed."

Some french fry cutters are dishwasher safe, while others are hand-wash only. Either way, you’ll want to remove the blade and wash all parts separately.

Some french fry cutters have different grids or blades that can accommodate different vegetables and shapes. For example, some cutters come with diced and cubed options. So, it just depends on the cutter you purchase and what blade options it comes with.

The easiest way to cut french fries is by using an automatic or manual french fry cutter. Simply wash your potatoes (and peel, if you want!) and push down.

French fry cutters can save you time and make clean-up relatively easy. Using a manual cutter when you’re at home makes more sense than using an automatic cutter you’d find in a commercial kitchen because those are typically bigger and need to be mounted on a countertop or wall. Since many home cooks won't make fries all the time, options like the Cuisinart PrepExpress are great for how easy they are to clean and store.

We researched different models to determine the best french fry cutters for home use. We perused customer reviews and product descriptions to determine our top picks for the best french fry cutters. We made sure our list included gadgets that are easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to use.

Every product is independently selected and vetted by editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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