Don't Miss This: Amazon Has Deals Up to 70% Off on Top Brands Like Lodge, Cuisinart, and More
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Don't Miss This: Amazon Has Deals Up to 70% Off on Top Brands Like Lodge, Cuisinart, and More

Jun 12, 2023

Prices start at just $8.

Kristin Montemarano is a commerce food writer focusing on news and deals for Food & Wine and Allrecipes. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2017 with an associates degree in baking and pastry arts and working in professional kitchens, Kristin went on to acquire a bachelor's degree in communication arts with a journalism concentration at Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2021. With professional experience and a continuous passion for cooking and baking at home, she has a clear understanding of products and tools that are not only essential, but also effective and high-quality.

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Amazon has collected some of the best kitchenware pieces and brands in one convenient spot, but because there are so many, it can be hard to find the best deals.

And, since it's the weekend and you have a little bit of time on your hands, we went ahead and compiled some of the best kitchenware deals you can find on the retailers site, from cookware, to kitchen tools, and appliances.

Shop 11 of the best deals to shop this weekend nearly 70% off, from top-brands like Cuisinart, Ninja, Calphalon, Lodge, and more.


To buy: $17 (originally $35) at

A small, nonstick skillet is just as important as a larger one. They’re great for smaller tasks like toasting nuts or cooking a few veggie sausages, but become their most useful when it comes time to cook up eggs. This T-fal pan is well worth grabbing now since it's 51% off. Thanks to it's nonstick coating, "food just slides off," according to shoppers.


To buy: $120 (originally $200) at

With spring in full bloom, it's time to grab a dehydrator to help you preserve this season's bounty. You can grab this Magic Mill model for 40% off. It has seven trays to allow you to dehydrate foods in batches, plus it comes with different surfaces to lay ingredients on, like mesh sheets, drying trays, and nonstick trays. It's easy to adjust the time and temperature for perfect results, and it has an automatic shut-off setting so you don't have to worry about checking on it throughout the day.


To buy: $24 (originally $40) at

If you’ve been looking to cut down on prep time, a vegetable chopper is worth picking up. This Fullstar model has been a long-time Amazon shopper favorite, with over 48,000 perfect ratings. Shoppers love that it comes with a variety of functions, like chopping, dicing, julienning, and slicing. Many rave about how much time this tool has saved them. Score it now while it's 40% off.


To buy: $8 (originally $22) at

Cooking tongs have always been an essential, whether you're flipping pieces of protein, charring up peppers, or tossing and serving a salad. This now-$8 Cuisinart pair is made with heat-safe stainless steel, which means you can use it without worrying about any warping, discoloring, staining, and it won't retain any particularly pungent scents. It also has silicone grips up the sides for easy handling..


To buy: $434 (originally $550) at

Vitamix blenders are the best-of-the-best, but they’re an investment, so grabbing one on sale is always a good idea. This model has a high discount at over $100 right now. And, since it's part of the Ascent Series, you’ll get a high-power design, with the addition of smart blender technology, like programmable timers and in-app controls.


To buy: $27 (originally $35) at

Meal prep is the key to making cooking at home easier for many of us. It helps us save a bit of time during busy work weeks, plus it's a convenient way to plan meals out for the week to avoid ingredient waste. A good set of containers is a must, especially if you frequently take meals on-the-go. This Rubbermaid set is on sale for less than $30, and it comes in the beloved Brilliance line, which is best-known for its leakproof, air-tight design. It features containers with two compartments for easy dividing. They’re made with durable plastic that you can microwave, plus it's all lightweight and dishwasher-safe.


To buy: $110 (originally $170) at

For a nonstick cookware set made for family meals, grab this Ninja cookware set while it's on sale. It comes with a 12-inch fry pan and a 5-quart sauté pan with its own lid to cook up everything you need, from chicken dishes to pasta dishes. Because of the material Ninja used, you can also pop these pans into the oven up to 500℉ for even more versatility.


To buy: $25 (originally $50) at

A thermometer is a gadget that you shouldn't forget. Not only do they help ensure you’re cooking your proteins to the correct temperature for safety, but they also prevent you from overcooking them. This digital thermometer from ThermoPro with over 10,000 perfect ratings is discounted just shy of half off. "This is the best temperature probe I have ever owned," one reviewer wrote. "The big LED numbers are easy to read and it gives you a quick reading too. I really like that it has magnets so I can keep it on the side of the fridge and not in a drawer as well," they added.


To buy: $180 (originally $250) at

This Cuisinart tool may just be one of the most-wished-for pieces from the brand. It has a large capacity, making it useful for a ton of different jobs, and the brand makes it even easier by including a few different blades. You’ll get the classic S-blade for chopping and mixing, along with a shredding blade for cheese and vegetables, plus a sliding disc for shredding and grating. And since this multi-tasker is discounted just shy of 30% off, it's best not to pass up.


To buy: $80 (originally $133) at

Lodge's Dutch ovens are great to pick up if you’re looking for that hard-working, heavy-bottomed pot, but don't want to spend over $100. They’re made with enameled cast iron, so they’ll give you they are excellent at heat-holding, and require very little maintenance. Score the 6-quart size, which is a great versatile place to start, for as low as $80 in nearly every color.


To buy: $90 (originally $132) at

This Calphalon pan is at its lowest price in months. It's a sauté pan, meaning it has a deeper interior with higher walls. That makes it ideal for dishes that might be saucy or contain a bit of liquid. It comes with a metal utensil-safe nonstick coating for easy sautéing, plus you’ll also get a lid made from tempered glass. The lid lays flat, helping to save tons of space when you’re ready to put it away.

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