I lost a whopping 17 STONE but it's ruined my sex life
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I lost a whopping 17 STONE but it's ruined my sex life

Aug 10, 2023

A size 28 junk food addict dropped a whopping 17 stone - but her weight loss left her with excess skin that flaps about so 'noisily' it is ruining her sex life.

Scarlet Corsi said she was a chubby child and relentlessly bullied for her size.

Cruel classmates nicknamed her 'spare tyre', tripping her up in hallways and even stabbing her with a hunting arrow.

The 36-year-old claims she subsequently grew up feeling hated publicly, isolated and not wanting to leave the house, so turned to food to fill a 'void of loneliness'.

But in 2018, Scarlet's mum died and her marriage ended, and such immense loss catapulted her into a cycle of eating for comfort until she eventually tipped the scales at 28 stone.

The nature lover said that she'd gorge on a 'sickening' amount of food from petrol stations and guzzled down 12 cans of soda a day - forking out almost £9,000-a-year on her binge-eating habits.

At her largest in 2019, she visited Universal Studios where her 'worst nightmare' became reality as she was too big to even fit in the 'seat for fat people' and laughed at by fellow visitors.

She was referred for gastric sleeve surgery and since having it the following year and adopting a healthier lifestyle, has dropped a staggering nine dress sizes.

Despite the incredible achievement, Scarlet feels she's changed from 'one monster to the next' as a result of her loose skin, which weighs up to two stone and is affecting every aspect of her life.

Her heavy folds cause rashes, chafing and infections, make fitting into clothes and exercising difficult, but have also impacted things in the bedroom with partner Justin King, 34, as it looks like she's 'had a litter of puppies'.

The art lover said she feels 'horrified' of her own body that makes 'flapping sounds' and has become so self-conscious that she'd rather be asexual so 'no one has to look at her'.

In a 'desperate' bid to scrape together some cash to have her excess skin removed she set up an Only Fans account and sold some nudes, but failed to make enough money so is now fundraising £7,000 for the surgery.

Scarlet is hoping that the procedure will enable her to finally feel confident in her own skin.

Scarlet, of Birmingham, Alabama, US, said: "It's really affected my intimacy and romantic life with my partner.

"It doesn't matter how I turn, bend or lean, I've got something hanging.

"I don't enjoy [being intimate] because the whole time I'm horrified of my own body. I make flapping sounds and all kinds of weird sounds and squishes.

"My breasts look like I've had a litter of puppies or something. They're horribly saggy. I have to roll it up and tuck it in my bra and at any time it's spilling out the top or bottom.

"Or if you were to be the one on top, it's just nothing but saggy, melting skin and you know your partner loves you but you know to see it is probably horrifying.

"I feel ashamed that we both have to see it and guilty that he's stuck with me, it feels like he gets punished for loving me. I think 'you don't have to have someone that looks melted'.

"You feel like it's an act of charity on their behalf.

"It really sucks to be this young and think you'd rather be asexual at this point so no one has to look at you."

Scarlet grew up a chubby child and said 'fatphobic' bullies would make oinking noises as she ate and shout 'run fatty run', with reference to the film Forrest Gump.

Scarlet said: "My whole life I was bullied because I was big.

"They'd say 'you're so fat you stepped on a rainbow and skittles popped out', they'd call me 'spare tyre' and any time I'd run in gym boys would be behind me going 'boom, boom, boom', like I was causing an earthquake.

"They called me 'wide load' and said that 'I'm so fat I should eat myself to death and get it over with', so they wouldn't have to look at me.

"Words cut but I was physically bullied. I got slammed around, tripped and hit.

"This older girl had an arrow for shooting deer. She brought the blade [on the bus] and would stab me in the leg with it when I got on.

"The bullying made me feel horrible. It made the world a really scary place to be."

Scarlet felt like she was 'bullied for existing' and as she got older, it worsened as people became 'more ruthless'.

When her binge eating was at its worst she'd chomp down big bags of food that petrol stations hadn't sold that day, like burgers, chicken strips and corndogs.

She also never drank water and had 12 packs of soda a day for around two and a half years.

At her heaviest, she struggled to breathe and would stop in her sleep, so had a CPAP machine.

Scarlet said: "A gentleman came up to me when I was minding my own business and asked 'do you not feel ashamed for being this fat?'.

"The most horrific thing happened not once, but twice [at Universal Studios]. My friend and I waited in a line for two hours to ride two different rides, I finally got there and I'm too fat for the rides.

"They say 'it's ok, we have a larger seat for our bigger customers. Get the larger seat!' and I'm too fat for that one too. I got laughed out of there by everybody, it was humiliating.

"The second one was a theatre experience and the seat belt wouldn't click. It wouldn't even go halfway around me and they asked me to leave.

"I stood up and ran off and everyone's laughing. I was crying and humiliated, it was so crushing. They spotlighted me in a dark theatre, it was my worst nightmare."

She saw a doctor in 2019 who referred her for weight loss surgery. Before it she worked hard to lose weight by exercising more and cutting her food intake by half.

Since surgery and doing a complete 360 on her binge eating lifestyle, her health has drastically improved but the excess skin she's been left with is a constant burden.

After being distraught from being let down to have her surgery funded, as 'desperate times caused for desperate measures', she set up an Only Fans but made just £240 selling nudes.

Scarlet said: "I feel punished for all my hard work and I've changed from one monster to the next because of my skin.

"I'm still walking around ashamed of my body and can't be proud of it.

"When I'm in the bath or any kind of water, my skin bobs and floats around and is crazy looking. It's like a jellyfish effect, it really is, I don't know how else to describe it.

"People think it's a vanity issue, it's so much more than that. It's causing health problems, the skin on my butt that hangs is so heavy it's hurting my nerves and making it hard to bend over and sit up right.

"I just want to know what it's like to be confident in myself for once. What I'm looking forward to most after having my surgery is looking normal for once."