Pitts: I will make no apology
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Pitts: I will make no apology

Oct 16, 2023

News News | Apr 14, 2023

Thank you for allowing me to respond to Mr. Bradley Robertson's letter accusing me of making an "inhumane comment" and causing soldier's families great consternation when I used the term "The Vietnam Meat Grinder" in a recent column. He demanded that I make an honest, from the heart apology. IN PRINT!

I will make no such apology. The term "Vietnam Meat Grinder" was the name General William Westmoreland, head of our fighting forces in Vietnam, gave to a major American offensive in that war. It was a widely used term and a political cartoon titled "The Vietnam Meat Grinder" was judged one of the best of the year. Under the Meat Grinder offensive we were supposed to put northern Vietnamese villages "through The Meat Grinder." Instead our own men and reputation got put through the Vietnam Meat Grinder. I didn't make up the term and if you ask soldiers who fought in that terrible war they’ll tell you all about "The Vietnam Meat Grinder." Go to any VA hospital and you’ll still see victims of it.

All Mr. Robertson has to do is "Google" the phrase "The Vietnam Meat Grinder" and he can read all about it. He’ll see that I did not coin the phrase… our own military did.

I feel really strongly that my name and reputation were harmed by Mr. Robertson's letter and that he should either apologize to me, IN PRINT, as he demanded of me, or he can make a contribution to DAV (Disabled American Vets) as my wife and I have done every year now for several decades.


Lee Pitts