The Publix Meat Department Perk You Should Take Advantage Of
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The Publix Meat Department Perk You Should Take Advantage Of

Jan 01, 2024

While modern supermarkets are brimming with great products and amazing convenience, they are missing a bit of the charm of bygone eras. Take butcher shops, for instance, which were a staple of daily living in previous years. Legend has it that butcher shops span all the way back to the Ancient Roman era based on artwork featuring a Roman butcher dating back to the 10th century.

In addition to cutting prime cuts for customers, butchers can also do a lot more. If you need a cut of meat deboned and lack the tools and know-how, a butcher can do it for you. They can also create a ground meat blend to your exact specifications and tenderize the meat to ensure your schnitzel recipe comes out perfectly. While conventional butcher shops may be sadly few and far between these days, some grocery store meat departments go above and beyond for their carnivorous customers. Take Publix, for instance, a grocery store chain that is noteworthy for the impressive service afforded by its meat cutters.

Whether you're seeking fresh baked goods, have questions about medications, or need to special order a rare type of seafood, Publix aims to please. In addition to these essential grocery store services, the chain also offers amazing quality within its meat department, much to the delight of shoppers. The store's meat cutters pride themselves on being as helpful as possible, which replicates the old-fashioned feel of shopping at a local butcher shop.

Customers are invited to make a selection from the display case when in a rush, which features a wide selection of the freshest meat available (via Publix). If you have more exact needs, feel free to approach staff directly for more information. They can answer questions about what types of meat are best for certain recipes. They can also cut meat to your exact specifications, whether you're shopping for chicken, lamb, beef, or pork. Of course, there are some other ways that you can make your trip to the meat department even more efficient.

While fresh meat is the perfect selection when it comes to quality flavor and texture, fresh cuts will not last as long as frozen selections. As a result, it's important to purchase the appropriate portions to avoid food waste and overspending. You'll need about four ounces of meat per every person you're feeding, but you can feel free to adjust the order when you know you'll be feeding guests with larger or smaller appetites. When ordering things like pork chops or chicken breasts, you can simply specify the number you need, and the meat cutter will happily prepare it for you.

You should also be somewhat aware of common butcher shop lingo to ensure you make the perfect selection for your needs. For instance, cubing meat means pounding it with a tenderizer, which is ideal for tougher cuts, like sirloin or top round. Spatchcocking is another butcher shop technique that flattens whole poultry by removing the backbone, which can allow you to cook whole chickens and other birds in half the time it would normally take. While these tips can improve your shopping experience exponentially, don't be afraid to ask the meat cutter for assistance. After all, that's what they're there for.