Woman warns to wash grapes properly with stomach
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Woman warns to wash grapes properly with stomach

Jan 09, 2024

A woman couldn't believe her eyes after using a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine to scrub her grapes and has now warned others to always give their fruit a good wash

A woman who always makes sure to give her grapes a clean with water before tucking into them was left astonished to discover just how dirty they apparently were.

Mum Amy Hitch was left stunned after trying out her new fruit and vegetable cleaning machine to scrub her grapes, and couldn't believe what came off them.

In a video shared to TikTok, horrified Amy could be seen washing her grapes with water, as per usual. She then put them in a clean bowl alongside her brand-new machine, which is operated using a simple button.

After just seven minutes, the bowl was looking rather grimy, and Amy felt pretty nauseous.

In the clip, Amy, who goes by the username @amyhitch2, exclaimed: "Bleugh. Like what in the hell is all that? This is fricking nasty."

After doing the exact same thing with her blueberries, Amy ended up with an equally grubby result and urged her followers to "watch out" what they eat. Some were left thoroughly grossed out, while others were nonplussed.

One person shrugged: "I've been eating this filth my whole life and I'm fine."

Another laughed: "Me still tasting grapes in the grocery store to make sure they're sweet before I buy them ".

As explained in a follow-up video, the machine used by Amy was a Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine, which costs £17.99 from Amazon, however, there are various other ones on the market.

Amy clarified: "Side note you guys, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. A little dirt never hurt anybody. I just like to clean my fruit from any wax, pesticides, or other people's boogers, that's all."

Interestingly, after carrying out further experiments, Amy dropped the machine into a bowl of tap water as well as a bowl of filtered water, as suggested by followers.

Although the filtered water came back perfectly clean, the tap water soon began to look dirty, leaving Amy alarmed all over again.

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